Re-designing Segment’s acquisition experience

The beginning

Last year, we had an opportunity to re-examine Segment’s 8 year-old brand and brand-positioning as we move up-market. Along with the brand refresh kick off, the website re-design project started as well. We had the chance to review the overall performance of our website, set the baseline metrics and improve upon.


As a sole designer on the acquisition team, working with Engineers, Engineer Manager, Marketing Programs Manager, I have to advocate for design and drive discussions. There are multiple challenges along the way, namely:

  1. Building a design system from scratch while establishing an internal tool (CMS and page cloner)
  2. Establishing preliminary processes to align cross functional team, from building folder structure, to organizing JIRA board, to refining QA process. 
  3. Championing for our customers and aligning stakeholders to share the same goals

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