Microsoft Research AI Medical Devices Group

The Future of Hypertension Diagnosis

Design. UX. Microsoft. 2017

Microsoft Research AI NExT Medical Devices Group, consisting of 20 members, is developing an ecosystem with a mission to eliminate cardiovascular surprises by empowering both patients and clinicians.

Working alongside computer scientists, electrical engineers, bioengineers and researchers, I was responsible for digital experience re-design. I took on the project with a goal to help Amede find ways to tell the story of the group, speak to medical experts and industrial partners.
My initial challenge was to create a holistic digital experience, in order to tackle the problem that the current website lacks of information and call to action.

Throughout my interviews, I discovered that each team member has diverse opinions about the team and the product. However, those values are not pulled together and spelled out yet. I decided to explore both branding and digital design for the team, since the only way to communicate outwards efficiently is to understand the brand/product core values first.
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3 months

*Please note that Amede is the name used to replace the real group name due to non-disclosure agreement.
1. Refine goals of digital experience, end users and value propositions.
2. Design a holistic digital experience that make the site accessible, generate trust and drive profits.
3. Design compelling visual styles that support the brand and the product.

Microsoft Medical Devices Team
Desney Tan - Strategy & Development
Greg Smith - Software & Firmware
Jonathan Lester - Analog & Digital System
Miah Wander - Bioengineering
Dan Morris - Clinical Data Analysis
Scott Saponas - Wearable Sensors
Moni Wolf - Design & UX
Sidhant Gupta - Embedded Systems
Sumit Basu - Machine Learning & DSP
Matt Mickelson - OPTO-Mechanical Systems
Gabe Cohn - Low-Power Systems
Kirstie Magness - Operations & Logistics
Ron Paulsen - Silicon & Manufacturing
Lauren Ryan - Product Development Engineering
This project serves as the catalyst, the first step and the foundation for the future evolution of the brand and the product.

It received high appreciation from each of the team members and final presentation attendees. “I am amazed by how you worked indepently, accomplished the wide breadth of work, and operated yourself as a design team within short 3 months,” a design director mentioned.

I had the pleasure to have Moni as my mentor, who played a role to inspire and support me, gave me much flexibility and responsibility to manage and direct the project. I was also fortunate enough to meet with all of the team members, get to know about them and their work. 

"Qiao has been a blast to work with. Confident and focused, yet always approachable and fun. She has impressed us with her creativity, hands on design skills as well as capability to gather information and capture essential and strategic statements with a wide range of visual assets."
- Moni Wolf, Principle Design Director, Microsoft Medical Devices Group at Microsoft | August 2017, Managed Qiao Directly
"The color palettes, icons, and website design that Qiao created for team and product branding immediately impressed me. As she presented the material, her communication skills shone as she explained the nuanced reasons why she made these design decisions – every shade intentional, every angle and line width calculated to combine in a way to evoke a specific response."
- Lauren Ryan, Product Development Engineer, Microsoft Medical Devices Group at Microsoft

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