Qiao Huang is a Taiwanese product designer dedicated to enhancing user experience by creating strategic solutions. She’s also a creator & a maker who experiments & prototypes with various materials, platforms and methods.

With backgrounds in communication design & industrial design, Qiao also holds an MFA from Media Design at ArtCenter College of Design, working at the intersection of visual design, interaction design and emerging technologies.

A little bit more about Qiao
Born & raised in Taiwan, she is currently based in San Francisco. She is keen to build products that help form or strengthen human connections. Couple of her favorite inspirations so far - Can we create new senses for humans? by David Eagleman & Hello Morse by Tania Finlayson and Google.

Making all kinds of things including crafts, arts, VR games / traveling

2D : Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Sketch
3D : Unity, Maya, Rhino
Prototyping : Oculus Quest, Invision, Marvel, Keynote, After Effects
Experience with HTML, CSS, Processing, Arduino