Qiao Huang is a Taiwanese product designer dedicated to enhancing user experience by creating strategic solutions. She’s also a creator & a maker who experiments & prototypes with various materials, platforms and methods.

With backgrounds in communication design & industrial design, Qiao also holds an MFA from Media Design at ArtCenter College of Design, working at the intersection of interaction design and emerging technologies.

A little bit more about Qiao
Born & raised in Taiwan, she is currently based in San Francisco. She is keen to build products that help form or strengthen human connections. Couple of her favorite inspirations at all times - Can we create new senses for humans? by David Eagleman & Hello Morse by Tania Finlayson and Google.

Making stuff / traveling

2D : Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Sketch
3D : Unity, Maya, Rhino
Prototyping : Oculus Quest, Invision, Marvel, Keynote, After Effects
Experience with HTML, CSS, Processing, Arduino

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