Product thinker & user-centric designer. Dedicated to innovating by questioning the status quo. Passionate about design, entrepreneurship & emerging technologies.


Designing a no-code tool ︎︎︎

As part of San Francisco Design Week 2020, I gave a talk about my journey designing a no-code tool...

Building a Design System from Scratch ︎︎︎

From identifying the problems to execution...
Recent Testimonials          

“Qiao creates a clear and effective path forward while creating clarity for all pertinent parties. From creating detailed documentation to thorough planning, she brings rigor to a space. She has been engaging in end to end product strategy by creating a clear plan as to how her work streams will fit into and build off of the broader product experiences. There's an incredible amount of intentional systems thinking within her design execution.“
- Kwasi, Design Manager @ Segment
“Qiao has leveled up our usability story by an absolutr insane amount ever since she has joined the team.”
- William, Engineer @ Segment

“It’s been awhile since I took a close look at this product but OMG. I was blown away so bad... It has changed a lot and it feels so click and so intuitive and y’all added a truckload of features!!! ... The biggest markers of success imho was that (1) It worked really well, and 2) because the experience was so smooth, as user there were times I forgot I was even using Visual Tagger (the product) because it doesn’t call attention to itself by being difficult to use - I was able to focus on my task and feel really reliable about it. Amazing work. I am such a fan of you.”

- Segment customer

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